Feng Shui is a science based on accurate calculations. This science helps to create space, organize the layout, arrange furniture and add color accents so that you are filled with energy, the house has a harmonious atmosphere and the family is more successful and happy.

One of the directions of this science is symbolic feng shui. Using certain symbols, paintings and natural crystals, you can enhance different types of luck: health, relationships,
career growth, income, fame, training.
Home is a place where we relax, sleep, spend time with our family,
and work. The energies in the house affect our health, success, and relationships.

Ancient Chinese sages identified three types of luck:

Heavenly is the energy of a person, encrypted at the moment of his birth.
Human is how we think and act. We can enhance this luck
by wearing a stone that suits us.
Earth energy is energy in the home and office. With the help of the ancient science of Feng Shui, you can increase the amount of useful energy in the house and attract success and abundance to the house.